El Salvador Vacation

El Salvador was a tropical paradise. I'm trying to sum it all up in these pics but I'm sure I left out some of the awesome experiences. Let's start with secluded beaches and then move on to delicious dining experiences that made you feel like you were at a high end restaurant in the States.

Cute kids! Couldn't this picture be from any country?

The creativity of this water and flower vase at the entry of a restaurant gives testimony to the pride of ownership of this El Salvadoran.

The volatile weather is one of the things I enjoyed in El Salvador.

And of course the churches in each town center give history and religious culture to the country.


And I'm gonna go with "relaxation" to describe the ambiance in El Salvador. Unhurried. Filled with enjoyable moments. Do your thing. No pressure.


Pics From Dave's Engagement Party

Chicago South Side Visit

So, this is the peaceful cemetery where Grandma Stremciuc lies. The tree in the center of the picture is about 6 feet from her grave. Look for the itsy bitsy dark spot at the center, bottom of this photo and that is the dark, purple flower I had placed on her headstone.

This is the Entry to the Cemetery drive.

The empty circle has this small chain attached that used to have a vase that you could turn upside down so the stone was flush or right side up for flowers. The hole is just collecting leaves and such without a lid. Maybe we could fill it with decorative little stones? Also, the gold off of her name, Maria, is actually rubbing away.

This is the last house we lived in before our move to Phoenix in 95! Wonder if that pink carpet and drapes still exists!?!

Stevenson, Oh Stevenson!! We lived across the street and attended grammar school here. Next time I'm there I'll have to go in and see if the mural we painted in 6th grade is still on the walls. I painted Spiderman and my signature should be up there if the mural is.

So this home holds so many happy memories. I can't believe the tree in front is so big!!! That used to be this little 6 foot tree we climbed in. Then, the big tree that I remember leaving tons of leaves on the ground every fall is actually gone (it was closer to the back of the yard). Guess time ages nature, too!

And here is the front of the house! Some things don't change!!! Same awning, same screen door... and as Steve pointed out... same white rock in the front! :) We used to stand on that rock all the time- it was just fun.

And, who can forget Ford City? The food "court" was always called "food city". Ben and I did a tour around the mall and had some yummy, shredded, Italian, steak sandwiches.

Lastly, we passed this iconic south side landmark. I don't think he was wearing glasses when we were there!