Inspiration at the Computer

Here's the before of my desk. I'm gonna head to IKEA today. Yeay! I will only buy a bookshelf (repeat 10 times). I will only buy a bookshelf....

Then, I'm gonna buy some spray paint and give some things a makeover. I will post another pic when I'm done.


Monday Prayer

For all the good things I do have and
For all the good things I have had and
For all the good things I will have,
For what I am,
For what I have been,
For what I can be,
For what I shall be,
        Thank you, God.

~ Joan Bel Geddes

Buick's Dex- Cool Madness

I ended up taking my car in to my regular mechanic, Don, and it was a good decision! He explained that after fixing the first leak, the next, weak spot in the cooling system was probably the gasket and that's why the leak started there. The pressure in the cooling system was pretty high and if I hadn't gone in to get it fixed, it might have been worse with something blowing. Ominous.



I kind of feel like this is a myspace with this layout. I need to change it. Only, I really like the colors and "decor" of this one. It reminds me of fabric and could be on a wall somewhere.

My favorite book is not facebook :)

Wrong Side of the Bed, Wrong Side of the Room...

So, car troubles.... had a coolant leak about 3 weeks ago that I got fixed. I've been going to the same mechanic for a few years now so I trust him. Recently, I bought new tires (2) and then had an alignment at the Buick dealership (regular guy doesn't do that) and they told me that when my car was "up" they noticed I had a coolant leak. Just had that fixed and so I didn't have them do anything with that, but I thought, "I'll just keep an eye on my coolant tank". Yesterday, I pop the hood and dontcha know it- my coolant's low. UGGHHHHH!!!! Now, I kind of don't want to go back to my mechanic bc I don't want to blame him for not being thorough... and then there's the whole bit of giving him the work to fix the "new" leak.... I feel like I'm paying him twice. What I've deduced is that there were 2 leaks when I took in my car. The obvious one that was shooting like a sprinkler system gone amuck and the sneaky one under the car. One was fixed and the other- guess not. Now, I'm gonna bring it to the Buick dealership and pay a butt load of money to get it fixed. All this to avoid confrontation/ blame with my regular mechanic. And I don't want to pay him again! Any thoughts?