My brother shakes his head in frustration that I still have my CDs and actually want to listen to them. I guess I should download all my CDs and save them to my phone and then wirelessly listen to them everywhere. For an unsaavy tech girl like me, CDs are just fine, thank you very much. 

That's his complicated desk ;)



The start of the 30 day photo challenge led me to posting this quote that piqued my interest: 

I like it because it motivates me to look forward. To forget about the things that worry me. Maybe it fools me into believing that I am in control of today... but I like it. And, sometimes that satisfaction is enough!


30 Day Photo Challenge

In the spirit of motivating myself to blog, I am going to start a 30 day photo challenge! I am killing two birds with one stone, so to speak, and will be posting the same photo on Instagram. But, to my one blog reader out there... Never fear, I will try to write a few sentences on my blog. And, you never know where that tangent will lead! Here is the 30 day photo challenge if anyone wants to join along!!!!!!! Also, it's aptly entitled "gratitude" in anticipation of Thanksgiving! 



So, I did make myself a fall wreath... not typical fall (orange) colors, though! I hit hobby lobby up for the branch wreath and all the 50% off flowers and such. I hung the wreath up inside. Excited to do a Christmas wreath and I think it's going to be a jewelry wreath!!!! Check out the fall wreath I made and the inspiration for the jewelry wreath I found online!!!


At The Car Wash

Life is too busy when sitting in line at the car wash is what you need to finally update your blog! I tried the mobile blogger before and just don't like it as much as sitting in front of a computer. But, let's face it, don't seen to have time for that!
Ok, here is what I would like to mention. Just a little pet peeve of mine! When posting on Instagram, online, whatever... why don't people use there, their or they're correctly?!?!? Drives me cr8zy!
Do you get it? There does not equal they're does not equal their!
They're over there working on their stuff! Get it?