Mani Needed

I'm off work today so I can finally try to figure out my vacation pics (viewing and sorting and printing). I do have to dedicate some time to paying bills and catching up on appointments, too. And, it is time to get a new phone. My trusty LG envy (before it became the envy) has kicked the bucket. The keyboard buttons get stuck and text messaging is a pain... can't have that. The problem is that I will have to sign a new contract and the plans have changed since I've been out of contract so I will end up paying more each month- UGHH!!!!!


Living For an Audience of One

I'm back from El Salvador. My vacay was great!! More details on that later. What I really wanted to write about was the good teaching in church today. The message was about overcoming pride. I guess I never really thought I had a pride problem but, boy, did it hit home. I learned that I am not being honest about myself and that pride prevents me from having real relationships with others and, most importantly, pride keeps me from God.

The reason I'm not trusting God is because I'm not living off of His list. I have my own little list of who I am and where I'm going.

I'm trying to sum up what my goal in life should be... and the closest I've gotten... it's to become more like Christ. Anybody have a better way of putting it?

Figuring it out :), monica

ps. Here's a pic from the plane on my way home to Phoenix- I caught the sunset.