I think being a girl is pretty cool. Why is it that we encourage little girls to believe they are smart and beautiful, to believe in their dreams, to be strong and independent and then when we grow up we don't subscribe to that for ourselves anymore? Be happy. It is a state of mind. Believe that there is a pupose for you today. Worrying will not help. I am gonna live like I mean it. That is a good feeling.



1. When I was in San Antonio 3 weeks ago I went to Sea World for the first time. Saw the Dolphin and Beluga whales exhibition and then the "Killer" whales exhibition. I think that swimming with these animals has got to be the best job in the world.

2. I got lowlights (level 6)... I'm a brunette now. I can feel my IQ rising.

3. I bought ugly, brown Timberland shoes and hiked the mountain by my house twice already. That was fun, too.

4. I am leaving for Scotland tomorrow. I return home next Wednesday. More details to follow.

5. I got a point and shoot digital camera I can fit in my pocket. Sony Cybershot W290.

6. I didn't vote today.

7. Weekend before Thanksgiving I'm gonna be in Chicago for Dave's engagement. FUN!

8. Updated myself on cuzs' blogs. Lyg, LOVED the post about your trip to France. Naomi, your posts are always the most entertaining. Tab, amazing Fall pictures! Loving it!

and I have to go pack.