Life is good.

Babies are a blessing. Can't wait to see Ligi's little man. July 23rd. Flori didn't go to the shower. Supposedly, consensus is she's avoiding me.

Had a debate with a friend. I feel: Your actions illicit a response in others. Even if it is just opinions. Maybe it would be best to just ignore people's opinions but let's not kid ourselves that you can do whatever you want and people should mind their own business or not have a right to feel offended. We're relational beings. Aren't I defined by my relationships- with parents, siblings, friends, co- workers, acquaintances, strangers... God? When you go to an event that you were invited to you go in support of that person. A legit reason for not going is if you don't like that person.

Go support your friend. Or your acquaintance. Or that person you feel sorry for because they don't have many people that will respond positively to an invitation. Stop being so self involved.

And on a final note, the NICU can be a devastating place. Always pray for parents who have their little ones in the hospital.