Bus Fuss

I had 3, count 'em 1-2-3, days off!!!! Tomorrow I return to work and let's just say it's gonna be a long stretch. I got my dad's car detailed today and it looks 95% fabulous. Man, just don't have kids if you want an immaculate "inside" of your car. I dropped the car off thinking it would only be a 90 minute wait and I was prepared with a book, but the guy tells me it'll be 2 hours. So, I decided to take public transportation (the bus) for the first time (first time in Phx). Well, I sat on a sticky bench at the corner and waited about 25 minutes for the bus. Learned that they only circulate every 30 minutes... who has time to wait that long? Then, didn't know you need exact change (it's a buck seventy- five) so I ended up purchasing a full day pass because the smallest bill I had was a five and full day pass is $5.25.

I took a fun trip down Bell Road to the mall. After shopping for a couple of hours (saving my money so I only spent $70) I headed outside to catch the bus back to the car place. Well, ended up chatting with a talkative stranger on the way back and wrapped up my first bus ride in the valley. It was fun.... and time consuming.