Came Back to Bite Me

UGGGGHHHH! I am so frustrated it's not even funny. Finished putting the sealer on the silver leaf wall (project completed) and finished sewing the headboard cover for my bed. So, I'm putting my bed together and I am missing these 2 important hardware pieces that attach part of the frame! I have been sleeping on my mattress on the floor because of the pending projects... and I know I must've placed those pieces in a "safe" place so I wouldn't lose them and now I'm going crazy trying to find them. I wish my dad was here; he would have a solution. Now what do I do?

Went out with my sisters last night and may I just say that I love my sisters! How blessed am I to have those girls! None of us are perfect, but boy do we think so when we're together :) Just the right amount of sass, attitude and fun to make me smile!

Ok, off to get some spray paint for my other projects and maybe things will look better with the bed situation when I get back.


Give Us Your Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free

Two blogs in one day- it's a record. I'm finishing "touch ups" on the silver leafing in my room today and I have to wait until the glue dries. Meanwhile, my dad is doing some landscaping outside and I'm listening to him talk to a day laborer and the conversation makes me smile. He's sharing his personal story of crossing the border to escape a communist country (in my dad's case it's Romania). Don't really know if it's PC to encourage an illegal immigrant, but from one immigrant to another the lines get blurred.

My dad's original attempt to escape RO ended up with him getting caught and spending 18 months in jail. When he actually did leave the country, it was with my mother and 3 kids and a miraculous assignment of visas' at the airport. My mom was pregnant at the time and they spent a few months at a refugee camp in Austria (where my sister was born) before coming to America. This was back in '78 and the following year I was born in Chicago.

There's something nostalgic and just a little bittersweet about thinking of where my parents were and where they are now. They didn't know a lick of English when they arrived, but have managed to adapt to American culture, language and carve out a bit of that dream for themselves. The bittersweet part comes in when I think about how I want my life to be improved compared to my parents. It is sad to think of my life in terms of school, work, marriage, family and the end. (The latter 3 not happening yet of course). With all fairness, my life has taken some different turns from the "typical" with traveling and mission work, but still would love to pave the way as a free thinker.

Can't Get No Satisfaction

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is push things out of your mind. Repeating conversations, a word, a "freeze frame" in your head can drive you crazy even though the thought might make you smile.

Been reading some commentary on the Torah and was surprised at the explanation for the use of "us/our" in the 'creation of man' passages. I'm not satisfied with the perspective of the author. This single verse, I believe, gives insight into the plural nature of God- as in being Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Although, for a people or religion (Jewish) that can only comprehend in monotheistic terms, I can understand the dilemma. The best explanation I heard (a few years back) for how God is one but also different persons, was the comparison to an egg. (Yes, I said egg). Imagine how the shell, yolk and white have such different properties and appearances but each, on its own, is not an egg. The egg is, by definition, all three.

Anyway, I did end up at the bookstore last night in search of some more help with reading the bible. Got a little side tracked and I ended up purchasing an apologetic study bible. Did not know there are so many options of bibles out there!


Put Pen to This Paper

It's been a good while, but here I am. Had a few (3) weddings the last 3 weekends and have my cousins' in just 2 weeks. Happy times for couples.

Guests from out of town this weekend were fun. Some fabulous peeps and being around them reminded me that life is good.

Subject of marriage pops up a lot for us single folk when weddings take place. Why make it complicated? Along the understood (assumed) qualities of faithfulness to God, your significant other and dedication/ TLC to the relationship and family...
1. attraction/ chemistry
2. ability to make other smile (for those days when everything is falling apart around you)
3. comfort (aka "clicking")- as in ability to expose any "secret" or thought in the safety of significant other.

The journey is where the lessons are learned. Go.


Silver Leafing

Gotta get busy today. Have to finish silver leafing a wall in my bedroom. First time doing SL and I must say I think it's pretty cool. I'll post some pics in the future.

Can't get in to Chanel (my stylist) to get hair done :( All you girls out there know how disappointing this is- of course it's my fault bc I never make hair appts when I'm supposed to. I just can't schedule that weeks in advance- who knows when my hair will look like a disaster and I'll need to get in? :)

Now I'm really blabbing. c ya.


Dear God,

Feeling like such a hypocrite. When I want some help or need to feel strong, I come before you with such "humbleness" and fervent desire. I wish I could have that same attitude when I just want to say "thank you". Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for sustaining my life. Thank you for giving me a healthy body and a sound mind. Thank you for food, shelter and family. I am so privileged and I'm sorry that I take it for granted.

Sometimes I feel like you're so far away. I know you are right here.

May I reflect Your love in this world. May I live for You. That is my prayer.


Explanations are unnecessary

This is the present. Move on. Painful wound.. taking advil.

Does audience really matter when writing?

So, I'm living in a home that's still in the remodeling stages. Love seeing it all come together. I need some new furniture but I'm gonna try to be frugal (and smart) and not spend my money on major purchases right now. Would be nice to get ahead. Can't decide on the color scheme for my bedroom. Love the light green and pink things I have. "Versus" must be the silver/white glam look.

Speaking of remodeling- what happened to people doing quality work? Sad to see people in their jobs getting by with mediocrity. I see it in my workplace, too. Work ethic is great.