Living and Dying

Don't know why little babies die. If I could be a comfort for one parent out there that has grieved over a lost child..... but there are so many.... and my words are so empty. I am so sorry. I don't understand. I know there is a master plan. The pain is still there and time will hopefully ease it.


Ethan & Abby Back In San Antonio

Although I think it's totally up to a parent to name their kid whatever they desire.... I don't understand, why, when there is already a name in the family (cousin, etc) parents decide to use that same name. Really? Because you didn't love any of the other million names out there?

Sweet Treat

I was collecting the clutter from the yard (floats from the pool make their way across the lawn when it gets windy out) and was under the tree in my backyard when I looked up and saw this little hummingbird perched on a branch. I ran inside to get my cell phone for a pic and was pleasantly surprised, when I got back and it was still there, at how calm this little hummer posed. I had noticed a hummingbird in my yard last week when I was swimming and it prompted me to order a feeder online. I should be getting it soon and maybe I'll be able to figure out this little bird's activities. Look right in the middle to see the birdie ;)

And maybe I can actually use a decent camera next time.


Back to Reality

Yes, it's been over a month and a half since I've blogged... what a busy summer! My niece, Abby (8y/o), and nephew, Ethan (4.5y/o), were with me on most of my days off this summer. They were visiting from San Antonio and I'm just gonna share some of the "darnedest" things they said bc it made me laugh and maybe you will enjoy it, too.

1. Ethan was creative with his prayers. When he heard me pray something he would use it in some form in his own prayer. One day I thanked God for sending Jesus to die for our sins. At bedtime, Ethan said, "Thank you Jesus for dying for our citizens."

2. We were driving down the road and Abby read one of our "cut down on speeding" signs. It was a "25mph over limit and we'll read you your rights" (or something like that) sign. Anyway, we got into a discussion about what your Miranda rights are and that led to Ethan asking what a lawyer is... Trying to simplify for him I told him it was someone who will fight for you if you get arrested and go to court. He said, "I know who will be my lawyer- Abby Sturz." (He said her name so loudly and enthusiastically!) I was very surprised and asked why Abby? "She knows karate", he answered!

They were a lot of fun this summer. I miss all those hugs and kisses.

Abby & Ethan in the towel parade before hitting the swimming pool....Do we really have to sit for a picture?

Abby playing her Nintendo DS... Yes, I now have one and am a little addicted.