Life Lessons From Tetris

My favorite shape is the three little squares in a line and one square sitting on top. That shape can usually be fitted anywhere. This game has got to be one of the best ever invented. As I was playing on my phone the other day I was thinking about what lessons I'm learning that I could apply to my life.

1. Sometimes you need to clear up a little mess (one line) just to keep things in control before you can make the big mess go away (4 lines at once).

2. When life comes at you fast (level 9) it's even more crucial to make the best decisions- one mistake and you may not recover.

3. Don't panic (screen changes to red). If you continue doing what you know needs to be done, things will get calm again.


Dear Diary,

My eyes are drooping but I wanted to write bc I don't want to get back in the habit of ignoring the blog. Had a fabulous weekend. My cousin Danny got married and all the extended family was in town and we had the opportunity to laugh and reconnect.

My sister got her promotion and is now relocating to San Antonio. I am so proud of you, Esthera. She is proof that you can do anything you put your mind to. I will miss her dearly. Hope this is just an interim to our lives being lived in the same state.

One of my long lost brothers also showed up to the family gathering this weekend. It is truly so hard seeing a family member struggle. I love you, Jake. I wish I could heal your hurt and fix every problem in your life. We all make mistakes. I, too, have been down and out and we all are in need of help. I wish you could see that you are not alone. I wish your need for acceptance, forgiveness, freedom from your past could be realized. God is so merciful. It is a blessing you are alive and we all need to be reminded that it is a miracle to have life. My life story would not be the same without you and I wouldn't change our family for the most perfect in this world.


No Cheese With This Whine

A lot has happened in the last few days. Most recently, I went to IKEA to get the hardware I was missing for my bed (it never did turn up). The cool thing is that I discovered that you can go to the customer service counter and they have a lot of miscellaneous parts that they give out for free. Considering all their stuff is "DIY", that's a pretty good idea. So yay for the idea!.... and nay for the checkout procedure!

Of course, I had to take a turn around the store. And did find some cool wood frames for fabric... anyway, I digress. When it was time to "checkout" I put my bag of goodies on the checkout thing and the checker says, "can you take everything out of the bag". Ummm, Ok, guess this isn't the same as the grocery basket! There was nobody in line and she's just sitting there watching me. Then, you have to "bag" everything yourself- but their are no bags! So, pay 59 cents for a new bag and stuff everything in and wonder if this is how they do it in Sweden. We're in America now! Long live customer service!!!