You'd think getting red/ blushing would be something you could control after so many years... but, no!... I could feel my face heating up after having all eyes on me during a recent small group meeting. Embarrassing!


What Should I Do?

Today has kind of been a weird day. I started it off right by going to church and then did a quick run to the grocery store and prepared this big salad (the main dish is usually brought over by mom :)) bc I assumed my parents, Alina/hubby/kids, and Steve would come over for lunch. Well, my mom finally called and said they weren't able to make it into town bc they had an issue @ their business. So, I ate some salad all by my lonesome (and now have enough leftovers for all week except, salad doesn't last that long) and got some chores done. Then, I read a book straight through and now I'm procrastinating before I hunker down to clean the bathroom and do some laundry. Anyway, the weird part of the day is that it seems so lonely. I don't really want to talk to anyone, though.

I ended up (FINALLY) getting connected to a small group from church. It's been good. Looking forward to it.


Sweet as Honey

It was recently brought to my attention that Arizona should not be inhabited by people. Did you ever notice how everything in AZ is telling us to go to a safer place? The Sun- scorching. The plants- prickly. The bugs- jumping all over! It's the desert people!!!! We are so brave, those of us who live here! We should have our own reality show- gluttons for punishment.

Suddenly one day (yesterday) I noticed a hive of bees perched in a tree in my backyard. Figured I would call pest control, but as soon as the thought came out of my mouth my dad said, "Wait, I will call Daniel Heler and see if he would have need (daca are trebuinta- sounds better in Romanian) for these honeybees!" SAY WHAT? Seriously, dad, nobody needs a bee hive in America! Especially in the middle of suburbia. After 2 hours, the bees were nicely packed away in a wooden box by Daniel! :) Today, the tree is bee free!


Missing You

I miss Esthera (sister in San Antonio). Why has this life led us apart? I miss Ben (in North Carolina). And I miss all my extended family in other states, too. I always thought couples who lived right next door to their parents were a little odd. Now, I would love to live next door to my parents! My ideal situation would be all of my family on the same block! It would be great if we could all live within walking distance of each other! We might drive everyone else out of the neighborhood, but, it would be fun :)


More Wedding Pics


I'm in love with these three musketeers! Nicole, Nicholas and Amy were the life of the party this weekend. I laughed some of the best laughs around these three! "Nicole, dahling, we must do it again soon!"

Pretty Naomi & Florin


CHICAGO- My kind of town!!



Sitting at home waiting for the air conditioning guy. Luckily my house is still cool from this morning- been blocking all of the sun out with the blinds drawn. Just got back from Chicago yesterday. I had such a fun time! Way too short of a visit, though!!! Phoenix, Phoenix... when will I love this city?


Say Cheese!

No work today... awww the life of flexible schedules! I do, however, work Sat through Tue. I jammed my days together at the beginning of the week in preparation for my Chicago trip... yippee!!! Anyway, my plans for today are to go out and take some pics. Don't know if anybody heard, but, Ritz Camera is closing down some stores in AZ and when I was in there trying to scoop up some bargains, I ended up being inpired to revisit my old camera. I got my Nikon N80 in 2002 and never learned to get the most out of it. So, I dusted that puppy off and got a book on how to use my camera in manual mode. I did a bit of reading last week and finally know where to find the dials on my camera to change shutter speed, aperature and iso..... it's a start :)

Answered prayers

Some good things have happened recently and although I don't want to go into details, I wanted to praise God for answered prayers.
1. Revelation and reestablishment of our relationship
2. Parents sold home quickly this past month
3. New friends in my life and rekindled friendship
4. A small dent in my credit card debt

Even though these things may seem small, I really am so thankful for how I'm feeling and that such specific prayers were answered when I've felt, for so long, that I wasn't making headway in any of these things.

Random thought: Why does the word (contraction) "wasn't" get underlined in red for spell check? English, such a difficult language!