We're still in the running! Gotta root for the home team! Da SUNS!


Lone Star

Decided to drive out to San Antonio last Thursday... and I had a blast. The trip took 12 hours and it was actually therapeutic and peaceful. Except for the part where I was getting low on gas and didn't see hide nor hair of a gas station exit. That raised my blood pressure a tad.

Surprised Esthera & Alex at their doorstep and Abby and Ethan did a happy dance when they saw me :) I did a happy dance myself, but I won't kid myself that it looked like anything more than convulsions. I relaxed with my sis, went to six flags with the kids (got a season pass, too) and once again enjoyed San Antonio's river walk. Also drove out to Dallas for lunch with our cuz, Lyg. Yes, Lyg, we did it bc you're our favorite ;)

Can I just say that Texas REALLY is it's own world? Little Americana!


Late Mother's Day Entry

If I could describe my mother with one word it would be "selfless". She has always done everything for her kids and also compromised and let a lot of her wants disappear so that my dad could be satisfied. I can't remember a time when she needed to get away from everyone. She always wants to be with us kids or her grandkids. Sometimes I get angry and give her the advice to just stop being so nice! Think about yourself. Take a vacation. Quit your job! But, luckily for all of us, she doesn't take me too seriously.

One time I was so mad at her... and I can't remember why but she was getting on my nerves (I'm a horrible daughter)... and I happened to read Proverbs that night and this is the verse that I read, "Listen to your father who gave you life, and don't despise your mother when she is old." It really hit home with me. There is an unique relationship between mothers and daughters when you grow up because, all of a sudden, your mom is your new best friend. Yet, I never want to forget to love her. And remember all she sacrificed for me. Mother's love the most! 


Manual Mode w/ Great Subjects

Few Moments of My Day

Paid bills
Sorted mail
Time to clean

Shutter Fun

Here's my maneuverings with shutter speed. The lights are the recessed lights in my kitchen. The ceiling is white- so I'm loving how it looks orange in these pics.And yes, I think the lens was dirty. I lengthened the shutter speed and moved the camera as the pic was being taken.


So I'm " reading up" and playing with my friend's camera, and now I SEE what aperture does to my pics. This is fun! Thought I'd display my dark and light photos. They were all taken at the same time but with different apertures; shooting in manual mode with same shutter speed.


Shake the Dust Off

Census is REALLY low at work and so I've had more time off than I wanted these past few weeks. I think I need to find some supplemental employment. It has never felt "normal" working 3 days a week (12 hour shifts). So, we'll see what else is out there. I have an idea of something that I want to try that isn't nursing related... so I need to investigate that. More details later if something comes of it. It might just be another one of my hundreds of ideas that never take fruition.

I did something fun this weekend and helped out with shooting a wedding. A friend from work does photography on the side (but she is super good) and since she knew I am a total amateur but like to dabble in the creative arts, she loaned me her Nikon D70 and I was instructed to do my own thing and then she'll show me how to photoshop, etc. I got the cutest text from her last night. It said, "lots of great pictures little grasshopper..." it definitely made me lol.

The wedding reception was at a home in Phoenix (Glendale, really) and it was beautiful; the home, that is. Some of my favorite parts: the massive, wooden door with the HUmongou-est planters flanking the door, dining room table to sit 12, wooden beams on the ceiling of the great room, the fountain on the patio out back, the balcony and stucco staircase on the back of the house and of course no neighbors when you're out in the backyard. Oh, to have luxuries!