All Work And No Play...

I did it! I just emailed my resignation (for my part time/ 1 day a week job) to my boss. I love my full-time job at St. Joe's but had gotten an extra job to supplement my income for awhile at another valley hospital... and although it was an "easier" job, I didn't love it there. Life's too short too hang on to that, right?? I did meet some wonderful people there, so don't get me wrong. Just wasn't the right fit for forever. I feel relieved. I do want to pick up extra days somewhere... just maybe need a break for now!

And although I'm not celebrating this weekend, I definitely think the funnest costumes are the witty ones:

black eyed peas

Quarterback :)


All We Need Is A Bicycle

My youngest nephew, David Nathaniel. 'Nough said!

Paper Lanterns Are Fun

After the bridal shower party, I volunteered to help a friend decorate her home for a "mother of the groom" luncheon for our co-worker. The colors of the wedding were red and gold so I kept to that theme. I spray painted some yellow lanterns, gold, and added trim to make them more unique. Here's some pics:

I just helped with the tasting in this pic :)

And, since I have frequented the discount fabric store, decided to try tacking up panels again. I tacked these panels (push pins, again) to the patio area in the backyard. Lovin' the view!!

Fabric Finds

It has been a long time since creative juices pumped through my veins, but a last minute (2 weeks before) bridal shower party at my house got it going. The "lingerie" party theme had me going with a pink and brown theme since the bride's wedding colors were green and brown. But what to do about my very traditional, somewhat Tuscan- inspired, great room??? How about finding a DOLLAR a yard satin fabric and tacking it (yes, with push pins and you can't see a hole on the wall after) to the wall? The hot pink fabric and the brown animal print panel were a little more pricey, but definitely didn't break the bank.



Here's the entertainment wall before:

And after:

Lounging area before:

And a few pillow and tabletop accessories later:

And it never hurts to tie some lace trim on the paper lanterns and hang them over the kitchen island:

A whole lot of fun, this decorating thing!

Delving Into Silk Flower Arrangements

Have you ever noticed how pricey "fake" flower arrangements are? I have. I was at this beautiful boutique shop and yes, the arrangements were stunning and made by a designer, but the price tag was nothing I could afford (think upwards of $1000 people!). After that visit I knew my mom could not get through the year without having a similar basket of hydrangeas in her house. Well, maybe I wanted the basket of hydrangeas- my memory gets murky. I decided to head over to Michaels and see what I could come up with. The basket is from good ol' TJMaxx. The ribbon is from that boutique shop. And the whole thing cost about $120  (those flowers ate up much of the cost) and the arrangement was made in about one hour. TaDa!

Maybe next time I would make all the Hydrangeas the same color.

Spider in My Flower Pot

I found out a secret. The community florist shop one mile from work has a class the first Friday of every month. For $10 you get to learn how to make a flower arrangement and then it's yours to bring home. Here is the first one I did! It was fun and now I'm interested in taking a floral arrangement class.