Watch this video! I just bought a paramax p 6.1 for $200 from somebody's truck. I just got had!!!



This succulent has been giving me grief!! I planted it about 3 months ago... it didn't grow any, and the leaves look more shriveled than when I got it. I had it in a sunnier spot so I moved it to partial shade and cut back on the watering bc I googled it and thought it might be getting moldy. I could use any advice!!!!

Easy Breezy

For all those who are wishing they had luck at gardening, but seem to be killing anything green,  my humble advice is to get an elephant bush plant ( planted this last year and it was in a 1 gallon pot)...

...or, it's trailing, smaller sister... the rainbow bush (this one started at about a 1/4 of what you see and was planted about 3 months ago):

I am very fearful of pruning the elephant bush bc it's grown so nicely, but I might have to venture into that soon.... it's looking a little unruly. 

Green Thumb Gene

Naomi, I like that you got the green thumb gene from the parents, but I have struggled for the past 2 years to not kill all the flowers my mom plants at the house. Finally, last summer I figured out my forte- cacti!! I planted this cactus container last summer and it has REALLY grown! The aloe and all the cacti were super small when I first got them.

So, I was happy with the results and decided to plant 2 more containers to flank the garage. I delved into different cacti and succulents and so far (one month into the summer) they seem to be doing OK. The flowers are actually from a thorny cactus plant! Here they are:


Here's the "after and before" of the hardware I changed on my desk. The knobs were a steal for $2 at Hobby Lobby.


Yup, IKEA didn't have the shelves I needed so I ended up coming back home empty handed. My idea was to buy one bigger shelf to replace the bookcase on the Right and then rearrange/ organize. Instead, I changed the knobs on the doors and gathered everything that I could get my hands on that was green (the color, not the energy saving green :)) that was a decorative piece throughout the house and reorganized the shelves. It's a bit better, anyway.