Lygia's House

So, if you haven't checked out this blog... it's a must see :)  http://hilldalehouse.wordpress.com/

These are some "decorating the corner" ideas. I don't necessarily love the colors, etc, but I think the gist of the space you want to create is reflected.

Love that they brought in some lighting!

Isn't this a great idea for those vintage suitcases?

This is a "before and after" I saw online.


No Excuses!?

I figure I'd better keep up with the blogging as best as I can so I don't disappoint my fan club! (Party of one, anybody:) )

Monday was my parent's 38th Wedding Anniversary. Here's to committment!

Super Tuesday results mean Mitt is looking like the GOP candidate. Let's get Obama outta there. But Ron Paul.... now we're talking! That's all I'm gonna say about politics right now. Did you know that GOP stands for Grand Old Party? I didn't. Now we know.

Wednesday aka hump day. Picked up a Z-pack so I could get over these flu-like symptoms. Looks like I'm heading over the hump!!!

Thursday. Today. Tantalizing. Terrific..... Tomorrow... TGIF!