Cutie Pie

I've been off work since Wednesday, but since I'm keeping busy, it hasn't felt like a relaxing time. I did get to go to lunch with some of the family. Here's my nephew, Sam, just kickin' it!


These are the cute dogs, Striker and Scout, that I "dog sat" for this weekend. Although they are so fun and lovable, dog breath and shedding still get to me. Does this mean I am doomed to never have a pet dog?


Money, Money, Money!

I finally did it. After complaining that I spend too much money each month on bills... I called Cox and canceled my cable! Time to go back to spending zippo time in front of the TV. Goodbye "I could watch it all day" HGTV shows, "guilty pleasures" reality shows on Bravo, and "entertainment to unwind evenings with" primetime on ABC. My cable/ phone/ internet were costing me $135/month. I now will have internet & phone for $68/month (taxes included). Much better.



I woke up from a dead sleep this morning because I thought I heard someone open the door and say, "Hello?". But, I remember what I was dreaming about and it wasn't friendly intruders so I'm not sure what that was about. It did make me get out of bed and check the doors and the garage (it was 5:15). Thankfully, nobody was there.

I'm trying to decide how to get an album back that I gave away a long time ago. Said photo album wouldn't even be significant except for the fact that lately I've been thinking that there's a bunch of photos of me (possibly) at this person's house that I really don't know too well. I'm sure the album is rifled through everyday and exclaimed over. Okay, not really, but, "What was I thinking?!" When I went on my first mission trip to Moldova (2002) I took a lot of pics. I had a new camera (Nikon n80) and I did what [normal] people do and when I printed out the film I made 4 copies of all the pics because of course I was going to share them with everyone in the pics. So, there I was with a bunch of photos and after I made an album for myself and sorted pics to give away, I decided to make a "my first mission trip" generic album for the mission group I went with. I put funny (I thought) captions in the album and mailed it off. The cool thing that came out of it is that one of the pics (a boy dropping to his knees and praying after the team won a game and other team members celebrating in the background) became a sensation (I say) and was used in some publications. Anyway, I digress. Time to procure that album somehow!!! Is anybody else weirded out that there's these pics floating around?

For all you design lovers, here's a pic of a chandelier (gently used) that I just bought. Time to salivate:


Emily Michelle

I finally got a chance to visit my uncle and aunt today. They had a baby girl on March 16th. It was great to hear my uncle say, "I never thought I would have kids. I can really say God has given me everything I asked for". (They were married for 14 years before they had a baby boy and now they have a second child!)

In other news- it's Good Friday today! Went to a wonderful service at CCV. The house rocked tonight. Giver of every breath I breathe, to You be the glory!

What would it take for me (or you) to say, "God has given me everything I asked for"?

1. Financial freedom for me and everyone in my family (& parents able to retire)
2. All my family to live in the same state (& all the nieces and nephews to grow having healthy minds, bodies and souls)
3. A soul mate love story
4. Jake & Steve to know Christ
5. Physical healing for a baby named Leah
6. Healing for Madeline
7. Mirta & Ionica to come to America
8. Funds/ success in running a shelter or other vision/humanitarian dream
9. Strong faith

Happiness, I do have.



Yeay! Finally changed the player on my blog to the right size so that visitors (you) could scroll down and listen to something else if you would like. If anybody else is trying to figure it out:

The Only Way I Wanna Go Green

Do It Yourself

My dad is THE ultimate DIYer! Being a perfectionist (knowing that if you do it yourself you will do it right) is not the only motivation! Can we say save a buck or two? He will tackle almost any project without having any kind of experience with it... and it always ends up great. I'm not sure if handy men just have this knack for taking things apart and then knowing how to put it together again. Some of the projects he's undertaken just at my house in the past year: installing a back door while needing to level the frame with shims, installing all the ceiling fans and light fixtures including moving the fixture box in the ceiling to center a chandelier, redoing the sprinkler system outside, taking apart the pool pump and filter to get that in tip- top shape. Ok, it's really too much to list... he will try anything once.

Last weekend I went up to his house in Prescott (1.5 hours north of Phx) and could not believe what I saw. Nestled in the side of a small incline on the property was 2 sets of dirt/rock piles with a board on each of them (I wish I had a picture). Anyway, when I questioned my mom about them she said, "Yeah, dad dug a hole so that he could fit in it and move his truck over the top of the rock piles and be able to work on the underside of his truck". That's not all... what was wrong with his truck????? He wanted to change the transmission fluid. HE DUG A WHOLE in the hard Arizona landscape so he could change his transmission fluid. I didn't get a chance to ask him about it that weekend bc I ended up hanging with my mom and he was washing his car and then watering the garden and I forgot about it. But, when I saw him that week in Phx I remembered to ask if it was really to change his transmission fluid that he did all that. Defensively he told me that the guys at the shops just pump your transmission fluid out of the tank and he wanted to let it drip out like it was supposed to be done. Go DAD!

And, because I am wanting to also add some pics to my entries- looks sooo purty, Tab & Naomi. I will send some beautiful AZ weather your way. This is this morning from my front door. Oh, it was 90 degrees yesterday.