Know IT Alls!

I know I've been accused of being a "know it all" before... but not lately :) And, it just figures that I butted heads with a "know it all" yesterday. She IRKED me! I know I should let it roll off my back but I got angry because person mentioned "the many years she worked at one facility"! I didn't feel the need to mention the many years I've worked at MULTIPLE level 3 NICUs! Said incident is work related and so I won't go into details but I do just want to vent and say:

If ever you are stating your opinion or what you think is factual, try to give a reason for why you believe what you're saying. It is not enough to say, "I've never had an issue with it". That doesn't mean the issue doesn't exist. And, although it may NEVER be an issue at your workplace, I do believe there is a standard of practice out there and in my daily practice I will try to do & be better at even the smallest detail.... which may never even cause me a problem.

AnyWHO.... I'm now over it. 

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  1. This comment has nothing to do with 'know it alls.' Instead, it's me telling you to please post something!! I know you're a busy worker bee and that should be a good enough excuse, but I'm being totally selfish here! ;)